Built with You in Mind

TweetMic is a simple and intuitive Twitter client app for the iPhone that allows you to make high-quality audio recordings or "Tweetcasts" and publish them directly to Twitter. There is no limit to how much you can record and you don't need to sign up for any additional service to start using TweetMic.

Application Features

  • Incredibly simple and intuitive interface
  • Quickly record audio and publish to Twitter
  • Review your recordings before publishing
  • Easily overwrite old recordings by hitting "record" again
  • Create unique and engaging Tweetcasts in no time
  • Ultra high recording sound quality
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Uses your existing Twitter account, no additional signup
  • Navigate and listen to your published audio tweets
  • Your tweets stay live unless you delete them
  • Easy management of your audio tweets at tweetmic.com

Say More in Less Time

With TweetMic you can publish tweets much faster, and you don't have to break away from the moment to type anything. The energy and emotion of your voice conveys far more information to your followers than just words alone.

This is the best $1 I've spent all year. Maybe in the last 5 yrs. This app will revolutionize Twitter.
Tweetmic adds an interesting dimension to my tweets. Application is clean and straight forward and intuitive.
Very cool, very very easy. I love this app.
TweetMic Application for the iPhone